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Doctor Dony, the founder of nanotechnology company, is an Indonesian Chinese doctor, graduated from the famous Airlangga Medical University in Indonesia, has more than 20 years of medical experience, participates in various international medical forums every year, and specializes in pharmaceutical research. Donny's resume includes:

1986-1994 Medical Doctor graduated Airlangga University, Indonesia

1994-1997 Practice as a GP Hospital in Indonesia.

1997-2000 Roche Pharmaceutical (Roche pharmaceutical)

2000-2010 Practice as GP Clinic in Indonesia.

2010-2012 Tropical Disease Research Centre (TDRC), Indonesia Researcher

2010-2012 Master of Immunology, Airlangga University, Indonesia.

2014-2015 NUS (National University of Singapore) In tissue banking

2015-Present Immunology Society of Singapore

2015-Present stem cell society Singapore

2018-Present international society of sexual medicine

Nano Biotechnology
[Small and Powerful]

Nanotechnology is an emerging field, which has a significant impact on human health. Nanomaterials are expected to revolutionize medicine and are increasingly used in drug delivery or tissue engineering applications.

The main causes of impotence include:

1. Age

2. Lower testosterone

3. Prostate swelling

4. Hypertension

5. diabetes mellitus

6. High cholesterol

7. Long term use of other drugs

8. Alcohol

9. Psychological factors

10. Overweight

11. Long term smoking

12. Hypothyroidism

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Pmax Size
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Rp 2,160,000

Pmax Strong
(Improve Formula)

Rp 2,160,000

Pmax Delay

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Rp 2,160,000

Nano Pmax Volume

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Nano Pmax Strong

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Nano Pmax Size

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Nano Sleep

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Nano Prostate Health

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Nano Hair Grow(Set)

Rp 2,700,000

Nano Aging

Rp 4,300,000

Pmax Size  Oil

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Pmax Tongkat Ali

Rp 2,160,000

Nano Aging

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Pmax Strong Package 2
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Ultimate Package 4
(Pmax Strong, Size, Testo & Delay)

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Nano Whitening

Rp 1,100,000